Few weeks ago, I wrote an article with some tricks to stay hydrated. To keep always by your side a reusable bottle was one of those tips. But which bottle to choose? It’s depends on what you love to drink and where you go.

But to help you make your choice, here find :

The top 5 reusable bottles to use instead of plastic bottles

The most practical: Klean Kanteen

Kleen Kanteen bottle

During my last yoga training in London, I found that 90% of teachers had this gourd. I wondered why : “Maybe it was a magic bottle!”

I rushed to the nearest Planet Organic store and bought one.

Well big disappointment… It is not magic, but its practicality is undeniable. Light and stainless steel, it keeps the freshness of your drink. Its tip “sport” facilitates drinking while walking and makes it an ally of choice for the whole day. The buckle on the lid allows you to attach it to your bag. It is ideal for hiking in the countryside, walking in the city in transport and is available in several colors. Know that Klean Kanteen also offers a range of reusable water bottles without BPA (Bisphenol A).

The most stylish: the BKR


The brand BKR designs bottles of water trend that I find very stylish. The pale pink model is my favorite, but there are plenty of other cool models too. These are great options for those who prefer glass bottles. The silicone casing ensures good adhesion when you drink, but also when you place it: the silicone sticks slightly on the surfaces and avoids accidents. This allows especially to protect the bottle against shocks. But the neck is not wide enough to make ice cubes or fruit.


Perfect for broth : S’well White Marble Traveler

This American brand offers a wide range of stylish and colorful reusable water bottles. The screw cap guarantees a real seal and the neck is big enough to add ice cubes. I did not notice any leaks after transporting her all day in my gym bag.

The bottles are available in 9, 17 and 25 oz, equivalent to 266, 502 and 739 ml and the traveler is available in 12, 16 and 20 oz. I opted for the widest to be able to carry broth for lunch when I’m in fitness training and I can not eat outside. Indeed, these models can keep the freshness of drinks for 24 hours or their heat for 12 hours.

Perfect for home: the bottle Kikki.K

The little clear reminder “drink more water” the wooden cap and the wide neck makes it the perfect bottle for the table.

Kiki. K is a brand created by Sweden’s Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson, a shop for stationery, decorations and travel accessories in the “hygge” atmosphere (which refers to a warm atmosphere) that I discovered in London. The decor at home is rather Scandinavian. It’s a calm and simple cocoon and the objects of the sign like this bottle are in perfect harmony with my interior design.


For tea drinkers: the combos thermos and “infuser” Contigo

It is the combo (thermos with the infuser) which, for me, has its place in this top 5.

Before the brew, for me, it was a little book at home but no longer!

The thermos itself is fine. It keeps it warm and cold it’s my favorite companion for the winter season, because the neck with snap button allows me to drink hot drinks by car or even while walking.

The infuser makes it my favorite bottle for the winter season. It snaps into the lid so you can infuse your tea or tea as long as you like. It also comes with a lid, which blocks the infusion. And that’s the awesome thing. You put your tea in the infuser and you add your hot water. Two minutes after you put the lid and it blocks the infusion. It allows you to recharge with hot water during the day.

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