My name is Pauline. I learned a few years ago that I had a disease called Ehlers Danlos syndrome with dysautonomia, a genetic condition that can not be cured.

Most of the “classic” medical treatments merely aim to reduce symptoms such as permanent pain, fatigue, hypotension … The problem is that I felt KO all day and that I lived for my treatment but that I did not really live.

I went in search of answers but especially of solutions. On the road, I discovered that yoga, hypnosis, meditation, a specific diet, and other supplements also helped to improve my condition and to relieve his pain and the effects of his illness daily.

Do not mistake yourself. I am still under treatment and very grateful for my medical team, but today I am convinced that part of my quality of life lies in my daily efforts.

I have good days; bad too … But I try to keep a positive and optimistic view of life. That’s all I’m trying to share with the people around me and now you!

Many diseases are invisible and not very easy to understand for outsiders; I also wanted to make chronic diseases more understandable. The blog also draws attention to the many options for you and your health.