These last weeks I have been absent. My symptoms literally drained my energy. To be honest, I felt pretty guilty. This blog is a project that is important to me and not being able to publish an article a week has touched me more than I would have thought. Life is not always a cup of tea and it is not always easy to keep up with the pace we impose on ourselves. SO, here is a little anecdote that I wanted to share with you.

After testing the breathing method Wim Hof ​​(a dutch nicknamed “The Ice Man”) and getting surprising / impressive results, I decided to deepen my research on breathing and its effects. Today, I attended an intensive, breathing-oriented yoga week called “prayanama”. The internship was “open to all”. But I quickly realized that all the participants were experienced yoga teachers who had practiced for years. Many postures were not explained or too little, named in Sanskrit (the original language of the discipline). The first three days, no breathing exercise was scheduled. We only followed the positions. I could not keep up. My body was weary, exhausted; my  mind frustrated.

On returning home, I was having a drink with a friend of mine:

“I feel like a poor thing thrown into the sea, I said. Everyone knows how to swim except me. They are as comfortable as dolphins as I struggle not to sink. My body is exhausted so I can not hear the instructions. I do not know what to do.”

“Well, stop! She answered me.

“You advise me to give up?”

“No, but if you can not swim at the pace of others, you could try to float and follow your own flow They will do what the yogis??? Hit you with a F*$$$ bolster (it’s a yoga cushion). “

That’s also why I love my friends, they are my everyday gurus. LOL

Her advice amazed me and left me pensive. 

The next day, I was more peaceful. Everyone can feel overwhelmed, can not they? I can always observe and listen to the teachings. For the record, I was not at the end of the training on the last day, I did not feel well and I decided that my body was at the end of what he could give and I was satisfied. I had already learned a lot. And my best lesson came from within. Attention ‘float’ does not mean giving up, but go at your own pace, follow your own current without comparing yourself to others so as not to lose our energy, and preserve our resources on a daily basis.


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