It’s a big day. I write my first article. Yet driven by a deep desire to create a blog, it took time for me. I relaxed, found excuses and constantly pushed back the deadline.

This project is the result of a long reflection. Well too long. I have always wanted to share my thoughts, my ideas, my discoveries. But so far, I was fearful and I am still.

I never go to action. I flee or invoke a lack of time, means. I always have excellent reasons (or excuses) not to finalize things that matter to me and are important to me. I wonder then: If I acted differently, what happens?

“It’s less about thinking than thinking differently. »

Jean-Marie Domenach

Photo by Josiah gardner on unsplash

Why is it so difficult to change?

A cause of this small voice that has sometimes aroused concern and convince you that it is risky, impossible, doomed to failure or vain. Various reasons that push you to lock yourself in, to stay in your comfort zone, your usual pattern of behavior.

For example: You walk on a path and suddenly you see what appears to be a snake. Your brain alerts you, your heart rate increases you are apprehending a potential danger. You decide to take another path.

If it was a simple pipe, you may have a shortcut. If it was a snake, your mind was surely saved. Your choice was guided by your perception of the moment. But once the danger is removed, if your reflex is always bypassed, you are never decisive. You become a slave of your schema. You are conditioned.

Conditioning is a bit like a mom who’s always right. She does not support being contradicted and uses our fears. If she does not like your boyfriend, she will report each of her faults and shoot her pictures permanently. Of course, not all moms are like that, but you understand the point.

We can also take the example of the deceived woman. She is conditioned to think that all men are unfaithful. She becomes suspicious, pushes her companion to the fault and confirmed in her idea.

Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and American psychologist John Watson have a lot to do. Their experiences helped to understand the learning mechanism in humans.

List (non-exhaustive) of ideas to get out of the routine

It is not a question of engaging in a perilous activity, but of doing something you have never dared to do for fear of failure, mockery, or even habit. Start with small challenges:

  • Take a new route
  • Try sushi if you have not eaten for 10 years
  • Speak in public during a meeting
  • If you never miss your Saturday night show, get out! Go have a drink with friends. You can still watch it in replay.
    And then ? Observe what’s going on …

Warning. There is no guarantee that you will enjoy the experience. You may not like sushi. It is also likely that this new path is longer and more exhausting than another.

Why jump off the cliff ?

Making the leap is surpassing yourself, overcoming your fears. It is giving oneself the opportunity to act and react differently. The goal is not to constantly exceed or change lifestyle. It’s just a matter of showing your mind that there are many options available to him.

As far as I am concerned, I have suffered setbacks in my life. My brain has assimilated this information. In fact, I miss everything that I undertake. When I initiate a project of any kind, my fears are manifested.

This blog is the perfect illustration: I will inevitably fail (That’s my conditioning).

My brain says to me, “Look, a blogger has come under fire from Internet users, she has received insults, threats, and has been forced to shut up.” It may be best to give up. creating a blog requires a lot of time and energy, you will be too tired to support your treatment … “To quote Benjamin Franklin:” You have not yet established the list of possibilities that your brain has already made the conclusions. ”

To make the big jump is to restart the conversation. And that is saying in my case: “Yes, but some women are successful, why not me? ”

The big jump is a way to stop conditioning (which is not necessarily bad).

“To succeed, jump as fast on the opportunities as on your conclusions”

Benjamin Franklin


Today, I’m taking the leap!

I jostle my habits and I sit in front of my screen to write this post.


Get started too. Do something new. Feel free to share your impressions and challenges in the comments.

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