A few days ago I went to yoga immersion on the island of Ibiza and I discovered the relaxed and peaceful side of this beautiful Balearic island.

If you ask most people what Ibiza is well known for, you are likely to hear about nightclubs, bars, parties and staying up all night. What the party crowd are mostly unaware of, however, is that there is a completely different side to Ibiza. Spirituality, relaxation, stunning scenery and an ocean of calm are just a few steps away from the party-going crowds and busy beaches.

Here are some of Ibiza’s zen highlights :


  • Dalt Vila
  • Es Vedrà
  • “Time and Space” de A. Rogers
  • Parc naturel de Ses Salines
  • S’Estanyol
  • Le port de San Miguel
  • Atlantis Cove



The Old Town and Dalt Vila

A world away from San Antonio, Ibiza Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of history and culture. Here you can wander through cobbled streets and courtyards, take in the historic battlements and enjoy picturesque terraces offering beautiful views of the square and the turquoise Mediterranean beyond. Take an evening stroll up to Dalt Vila (the Upper Town) and get lost in the winding streets, browse Roman statues and medieval gateways before relaxing in Plaza de Vila.

 Es Vedrà

Magical and majestic, the island of Es Vedrà is the most memorable sight for many visitors to Ibiza. Rising out of the ocean at around 400 metres in height, this uninhabited rock is a place of myths and legends. Said to be the third most magnetic spot in the world, it has links to ancient history – the sirens and sea-nymphs who attempted to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey epic poem were said to have made this their home. It is a truly spectacular, calming sight at sunset.

Ibiza Es Vedra Photo by Flores Alvaro Martinez

“Times and Space” by Andre Rogers aka ‘Stonehenge’

Although no relation to the real Stonehenge, there are definite parallels between this contemporary monument and the famous prehistoric monument in the UK. Constructed of thirteen columns in a semi-circular formation, it was created by Australian artist Andre Rogers.  Located within walking distance from Cala Codolar it is spectacular and calming work of art. Visit early in the morning and you’ll be treated to the most peaceful sunrise, with mystical Es Vedrà in the background.

Ses Salines Natural Park

Boasting some of the most impressive scenery on the island, the little-known nature park of Ses Salines should be high on your Ibiza must-do list. A serene World Heritage Site, it offers fantastic views, rugged nature and is home to wildlife such as Peregrine Falcons and Ospreys. For a sunset to remember, climb the hillside at deserted Es Codolar beach and overlook the salt ponds, the coastline and the mountains beyond.


Step away from the busy beaches of San Antonio and Santa Eulalia and indulge in calm solitude at the tiny cove of S’Estanyol. Secluded and away from the crowds, it’s pine tree-lined bay and crystal clear waters and will provide instant relaxation and good vibes.

Sunrise on San Miguel beach

Watching the sunrise at San Miguel is a near spiritual experience. A former fishing village in the North of the island, it’s soft sandy beach and inviting blue waters are picture postcard perfect. For a real zen experience, visit at daybreak for some beachside yoga before watching the sun break through and light up the ocean. Could there be a more perfect start to the day?

Pedrera de Cala d’Hortaka Atlantis Cove

A magical swimming spot which will take you to a whole new world. Known as Atlantis, this former-quarry features unique sea pools, which will make you feel like you are swimming over a hidden city. Frequented by naturists and spiritualists, it’s one of the most isolated and laid back places you’ll find, providing a surreal and relaxing experience unlike anything else on the island. Secluded and only reachable on foot via a strenuous hike, it’s well worth the effort.

Beware however this place is isolated and only accessible on foot, the access is intense and requires resources on the physical level (and the adequate equipment).

For spoonies like me who walk well and who are helped by a loved one with a good physical condition it is done. It is like all the activities of our life it is necessary to be prepared in an adequate way (you do not leave in flip-flop and without a hat one day where you have already done too much things !!!) and to be aware of its own limits. It takes a good twenty minutes of walking to go (the rise is a little longer forcing it goes up!). In addition, it is not a tourist spot, there is no first aid station or vendors of drinks. It will also be necessary to bring bottles of water or gatorade and an emergency kit.


Why not add these zen experiences to your holiday itinerary next time you visit Ibiza?

Map of the zen spots of Ibiza island


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